Sustainability Pillars

We use only natural materials that are  plenteous - no synthetic fibers, and no  scarce resources. If the only affordable  option is synthetic or scarce, we think  outside the box and find another way. 
Since our products are 100% natural,  from the fabric to the trim, they’re also  100% biodegradable. 
We’re addressing the way our culture  sees waste, and viewing it not as the  ‘end of the line’, but as a mountain of  rich resource. 
We find resources ready for a new life,  whether dead stock fabric, which we  rework into new garments, or food  waste, which we use as dye. 
We get our energy from the physical  work, experimenting with traditional  artisanal techniques and getting our  hands dirty. We let our creative  impulses guide us. 
We use our skills in education and  community outreach to share these  enriching processes with anyone who  wants to express their creativity in a  new way.