Washing instructions for naturally dyed clothes

Here are some pointers to help look after your naturally dyed clothes. We recommend spot cleaning if there is a mark rather than putting the whole garment in the wash too frequently. Hanging your clothes in fresh air is another way to freshen them up and kinder to the environment

You can wash your naturally dyed clothes at 30 degrees using a gentle PH neutral eco friendly washing detergent. If you are washing these with other clothes, try to keep brights, lights and darks separate – just incase synthetic dyes rinse out of their fabric and tint your naturally dyed clothes

If you would like to put your clothing in the dryer – use a cool or low heat setting. When drying your clothes outside, try to dry them in the shade as sunlight can fade colours over time

If you have a stain on your clothing, try soaking it in cool water with some washing liquid. This will help loosen the particles that have stained the clothing. After soaking the clothes, they can then go in the washing machine

To help preserve the colour you can wash your garments inside out, wash separately and remove from the washing machine promptly after the cycle finishing